Many couples seek to balance creating a party that feels uniquely their own with adoring traditions that reflect their heritage and culture. Therefore it’s important to choose which marriage traditions to feature and what kind of ceremony they really want. From padrinos to el lazo, these brilliantly colored Latin marriage ceremony traditions are a fun way to bring which means and splendor to any nuptial celebration.

One of the most beloved Latin wedding customs is the trampa ceremony, where a light cord (often made from flowers) is tied up around the necks of the few after they exchange vows. It symbolizes their particular everlasting union and their status as one in the eyes of God. “This tradition was originally part of Catholic ceremonies but it has become incorporated in to most types of marriages, whether spiritual or certainly not, ” Claudia G. sobre Velasco, wedding planner and owner of an Day to not forget and Personal Celebrations, tells us. “Some couples opt to display their lazo within their home as a reminder of their special day. ”

An alternative popular pre-marriage ritual may be the arras gold coins ceremony, the place that the groom hands the woman 13 gold coins that represent the things your woman may need during marriage and his commitment to providing for her. That is a common practice among Latinx and Filipino marriage ceremonies.

Following your ceremony, friends toss rice or bird seeds as the couple exits, symbolizing virility and all the best. However , modern Latinx couples possess recently been known to swap out this traditional element with confetti or accepted petals.

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